Tamil Nadu Biodiversity conservation and Greening Project-TBGP


The Tamil Nadu Bio diversity and Greening project is a 5 years project Implemented in Dindigul and Karur districts supported by the Tamil Nadu Forest Department with the support of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) The following activities were undertaken by us

a. Participatory Rural Appraisal and Micro Plan:
We have conducted participatory Rural Appraisals in 412 villages and Micro plans were prepared. The Micro plans submitted by us were appreciated as the best plans in the district.

b. Formation of Farmers Interest Groups:
We have formed Farmers Interest Groups in 412 villages. 4120 small and marginal farmers interested in planting trees are members of this group.

c. Tree Cultivation in Private Lands (TCPL):
During this year we have planted 2060,000 saplings in Karur and Dindigul Districts. These were planted in the agricultural land of the small and marginal farmers holding less than 2 hectares of land. Trees that are suitable to the environment, drought resistant useful for timber purpose and helpful to conserve the Bio-diversity in the long run were selected for plantation. The planted saplings are being taken care by the women SHG members of respective villages. These saplings are growing faster than expected.

d. Onsite Training to farmers:
To ensure food security among the poor we are promoting Natural farming. 400 farmers were inducted in this programme. These farmers were prepared through various trainings, technical as well as practical. They were taken to an exposure to few farms where natural farming methods are successfully implemented by farmers. The farmers of our area started organic farming in their land from this year onwards.

Major Results achieved in the programme are:

• 412 revenue villages covered • Farmer interest groups and SHGS formed with 4120 members, after assessment and micro planning • On field Trainings conducted for farmers • 20,60,000 seedlings provided to farmers for planting in private lands

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