Seeds Theatre Group (STG)

Seeds Theatre Group (STG) has the motive of safe guarding traditional arts of Tamil Nadu by performing different forms of it to create awareness on various development issues, problems and provide solutions. Seeds Theatre Group has talented artists who perform singing, mono acting, mimicry, folk arts, stage theatre and street theatre. The main purpose of Seeds Theatre Group (STG) is to propagate awareness on various development issues and problems and protect traditional and folk arts.

Seeds Theatre Group has 14 male and 10 female artists who are enormously talented on various forms of theatre activities. All these 24 theatre group members are victims of any one of the social problems and joined together with the commitment to create awareness on social problems to prevent new sufferers.

So far we have created awareness on following issues: Forest & nature conservation, Coastal & mangrove conservation, child labour eradication & education, HIV/AIDS prevention, water & sanitation, Female infanticide, genetically modified seeds eradication & sustainable agriculture system, wildlife conservation, watershed management, health awareness, de-addiction, evils of dowry system, environment & pollution.

These programmes are conducted in collaboration with World Vision India, Tamil Nadu Environmental Management Agency, Communication and Capacity Development Unit (CCDU) of TWAD Board, Forest department, World Wide Fund for nature, India.

Outreach by the group:

-- Year -- Number of programmes conducted Number of villages Number of districts covered Approximate number of public covered
2014-15 365 365 13 67525
2015-16 376 376 14 71064
2016-17 380 380 17 72580
2017-18 420 420 18 80640

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