Sustainable Agriculture Project (SAP)

The Cauvery River is the lifeblood of Tamil Nadu's agriculture and flows in a south-easterly direction for 475 miles (765 km) through Karnataka then Tamil Nadu. One of SEEDS major programmes in Tamil Nadu is to transform 750 acres of semi-desert wasteland into a sustainable area capable of providing farming communities with a level of sustenance and income. They are being transformed by reducing soil infertility through atmospheric nitrogen fixation enabling secure economic returns through fuel wood, fodder, small timber and fruit growing.

Through the centuries farmers have developed a rich heritage of eco-friendly organic technologies resulting in big harvests without disturbing the overall ecological balance. The new technologies failed to maintain Nature's own harmony and balance whilst also forcing farmers to become dependent on external input, which led to debt trap. The SEEDS project exists to reverse this tragic situation by disseminating knowledge throughout communities about the alternatives available that can be organically home-grown. These include composting, bio-waste and biomass techniques that increase farm-based production, promote conservation efforts and enhance local food security.

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